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A labor law firm in Rennes GOLDWIN has just created a new firm in Rennes in order to reinforce its proximity with their local clients.
The firm lawyers represent clients before different jurisdiction: labor court, Court of Appeal, legal tribunal, administrative court, magistrates' court, criminal court. Efficiency, reactivity, devotion, our lawyers will do their upmost to defend you.
17 Square Vercingétorix, 35000 Rennes
The lawyers of GOLDWIN AVOCATS, GOLDWIN PARTNERS, GOLDWIN SOCIAL Whatever the cause is, our lawyers are able to help you about your issue.
There are no small or large cases. Only cases to defend.
Maitre Jonathan BELLAICHE
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Goldwin, renowned firm located in Paris’ 16th district. st composé d'avocats experts dans chaque domaine du droit. Don't hesitate to make an appointment now, we will do our best to help you.
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