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Platform liability, general terms of use, platforms workers, platforms charters, platforms regulation… Goldwin’s digital and new technologies lawyers are involved in the most important issues of the new digital economy.


Our lawyers work in these areas of new technology law:

What is digital and new technologies law?

New technology law or digital law is also known as Internet law. It governs the problems created by the emergence of digital technology and the Internet in everyday life. As a result, it is primarily concerned with

  • The protection of privacy, whether in terms of computerized data collection, sometimes abusive (personal data protection);
  • Protection of intellectual property, and more specifically, illegal downloading and copying of illicit works; digital accessibility versus the digital divide.
  • Digital and Internet lawyer


Our victories in New technologies law

Our dedicated team of lawyers work tirelessly to defend your interests, providing you with tailored legal solutions and high-quality representation


Operator or Internet user facing legal issues?

Have you created a platform and have any question to ask to a digital lawyer? Would you like to join the digital economy and create your own digital platform or marketplace?

Do you need a lawyer to help you to start and/or develop a digital law project?

Thanks to their experience and knowledges of the economic sectors affected by digital technology, our specialist digital lawyers bring you their expertise. Our main objective is to ensure that your project is secure, integrated into the digital ecosystem and adapted to the legal environment.

As a digital economy operator, you have some questions or face difficulties?

Digital companies face several legal issues and various topics can be discussed:

  • Contracts law,
  • Liability,
  • Work,
  • E-shopping emergence,
  • Transports,

Yet, a business lawyer support, with a perfect knowledge of proceedings is a non-negligible advantage. Furthermore, the platforms law, still today under construction.

Thanks to their experience and knowledges, our lawyers advise you on which strategy is best for you during proceedings, whether litigious or not. In this way, our first objective is to find an amicable issue before the conflict.

The firm gives you advices and expertise to answer your questions. We can also defend you from the moment your rights are besmirched via Internet.

  • The totality of your website compliance upgrade (Internet storefront, e-shopping website, contact platform, etc.).
  • Advices on online services regulation
  • Emergency procedure after a reputation or an image violation committed on Internet (individuals and companies).
  • Data protection Act Assistance and the CNIL (French commission of data protection)/GDPR compliance upgrade
  • Intervention on every issue linked to domain names protection.
  • Internet use limitations support: Cancelation of an Internet provider contract, online purchase litigation, hacking, etc.

The digital lawyer works on all the rules of the law of Internet. Digital law is a new law area in which we can find various laws and European rules. For now, Internet law doesn’t have any specific text. Goldwin firm supports you for every digital law topic, whether legal advices or litigation proceedings start. Our expert lawyers can support you concerning:

  • IT contracts law;
  • Signature and e-archiving;
  • E-commerce and its specificities;
  • The e-reputation violation;
  • The digital aid proof collection (harassment, fraud, identity theft, etc.);
  • Legal feasibility study of your IT projects.

In order to start a project in the best possible conditions, and it’s appropriate to organise and secure the project totally. Contact our lawyers if you need:

  • Advices to start and/or develop your IT project
  • Understand legal laws practical to your project and possible relative difficulties.
  • Other solutions propositions to get around legal obstacles.
  • Write all your legal documents: IT contracts (maintenance, integration, licence), legal notices, General Terms of Sale and website General Terms of Use, confidentiality policy, commercial propositions, invoices, etc.

Prevent every legal risk thanks to our digital lawyers advices. Our lawyers define and prevent every issue likely to involve your liability:

  • Contracts negotiation with your clients and providers.
  • Legal monitoring and immediate information in case of digital regulation change.

They trusted us

Brilliant team. It’s a pleasure to work with a skilled, efficient and reliable law firm. Cases are taken VERY seriously. Jonathan and his associates are extremely efficient. I highly recommend them.

Alexandre Chombeau

Maitre Jonathan Bellaiche, the firm founder, is more than a lawyer, he’s a strategist, a chess player with a long-term vision who anticipates everything.

Thanks to him and his team.

Yanis Abbas

Responsiveness, a sense of service, determination and mastery of the subject… proven on several cases.

François T.

A golden law firm! Maître Zahedi, Maître Bellaiche and all the firm’s associates make up a great team of efficiency, integrity, professionalism and responsiveness. It’s great to be able to count on professionals who are committed and exemplary, adapting to often tight deadlines. With this law firm you can sleep soundly and peacefully, I fully recommend it and would like to thank Maître Zahedi once again for his efficiency and exemplary handling of our case.

Cécile LEDUC

Very warm welcome. A very straightforward professional. Very attentive and selfless. Very efficient. Many thanks.

Philippe J.

Magnificent firm 100% success on my procedures

Alex A.

The Goldwin firm,
met my expectations in more than just a professional way, we’re talking human here. Not paternalistic, the firm was able to answer questions, without fault, in an honest way, and this without prejudice, by principle of the laws, by principle simply. Thank you for everything.

Aby Turpin
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