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Founded in 2016, our lawyers have represented over 1000 clients

Founded in 2016, our lawyers have represented over 1000 clients

Goldwin law firm, in the service of everyone.

Thanks to his transversality, the firm acts on litigious cases involving different law fields with cross-borders dimensions.

Jonathan Bellaiche

Jonathan Bellaiche

The founder of the firm

Jonathan Bellaiche is a lawyer in Paris and a renowned expert in commercial, property and social litigations.

Jonathan Bellaiche has won emblematic cases in real estate law, employment law and new technology law fields. He has obtained convictions against some of the world’s most powerful transnational corporations before civil, criminal and labor courts.

Jonathan Bellaiche obtained convictions against platforms, such as UBER, AIRBNB and HEETCH at the origin of important case law in France.


There are no small or large cases. Only cases to defend.

They trusted us

Brilliant team. It’s a pleasure to work with a skilled, efficient and reliable law firm. Cases are taken VERY seriously. Jonathan and his associates are extremely efficient. I highly recommend them.

Alexandre Chombeau

Maitre Jonathan Bellaiche, the firm founder, is more than a lawyer, he’s a strategist, a chess player with a long-term vision who anticipates everything.

Thanks to him and his team.

Yanis Abbas

Responsiveness, a sense of service, determination and mastery of the subject… proven on several cases.

François T.

A golden law firm! Maître Zahedi, Maître Bellaiche and all the firm’s associates make up a great team of efficiency, integrity, professionalism and responsiveness. It’s great to be able to count on professionals who are committed and exemplary, adapting to often tight deadlines. With this law firm you can sleep soundly and peacefully, I fully recommend it and would like to thank Maître Zahedi once again for his efficiency and exemplary handling of our case.

Cécile LEDUC

Very warm welcome. A very straightforward professional. Very attentive and selfless. Very efficient. Many thanks.

Philippe J.

Magnificent firm 100% success on my procedures

Alex A.

The Goldwin firm,
met my expectations in more than just a professional way, we’re talking human here. Not paternalistic, the firm was able to answer questions, without fault, in an honest way, and this without prejudice, by principle of the laws, by principle simply. Thank you for everything.

Aby Turpin

Looking for a lawyer in Paris?

GOLDWIN is located in Paris’ 16th district and is composed of a team of lawyers hired according to selective criteria for their expertise on each law field.

This multidisciplinary team of lawyers is able to address various thematics thanks to their complementary of skills. Whether it is in business and commercial law, real estate law, labor law, new technologies law… we will do our utmost to propose the most suitable lawyer for your case.

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What is our role in business partnership disputes?
What legal training do our lawyers have?
What is the firm's expertise in contract law?
What is the firm's expertise in insurance law?
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When to hire a collective proceedings lawyer?
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Business Lawyer

Our business lawyers are at your disposal to deal with all issues relating to businesses, companies in difficulty, partnership law and contract law.

A business lawyer handles cases relating to the activities of retailers and manufacturers.

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Business Lawyer

Real estate lawyer

Our real estate lawyers can help you with all aspects of real estate, from property transactions and hidden defects to leasing, commercial leases, etc.

Our real estate lawyers can advise on real estate matters or help you settle disputes, for individuals or professionals.

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Real estate lawyer

Media trials won by our lawyers in Paris

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Platform lawyer

AIRBNB fined for failing to collect and remit tourist tax

16 juin 2023
Tribunal Judiciaire de la Rochelle

Real estate lawyer

Record conviction of a tenant subletting on Airbnb

22 mars 2022
Tribunal judiciaire de Paris