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Police Court, Criminal Court, Crown Court, legal information, investigation, police custody, sentence adjustment, detention pending trial, request for release, pre-conviction hearing, criminal composition, free hearing... Our lawyers intervene in every type of criminal trial.

What’s criminal law?

The criminal law is one of the foundations of the law. It’s defined by the Penal Code. It punishes the various crimes and misdemeanors in the appropriate Courts. The criminal law sets rules for every behavior opposed to the social order or offenses. It determines punishments to impose to the crimes or offenses perpetrator. The objective is the eradication of dangerous behaviors in the society, or at least, to reduce them. Generally, criminal law concerns relations between society and the individual. This branch is different than the Civil law. Civil law is focused on legal and natural persons relations. The criminal law, for its part, confronts the accused and the society. The criminal law aims for the protection of the public order and for the security of the persons and their goods. There are some criminal law specific branches, especially the business criminal law or the tax criminal law.

Business criminal law

The business criminal law comprises all legal rules relating to criminal offenses applied to the business world. It also comprises all the economic rules than can be penalised. The business criminal law may concern: – Companies owners who have committed misuse of corporate assets, swindles, breach of trust, tax evasion, etc.); – Companies which have been victim of misappropriation, theft, etc.; – Offenses made by companies (deceptive commercial practices, etc.).

Tax criminal law

The tax criminal law concerns different tax reduction forms. This speciality of the law foresees sanctions against companies and individuals who attempt to evade their duty to pay tax.


Our victories in criminal law

Our dedicated team of lawyers work tirelessly to defend your interests, providing you with tailored legal solutions and high-quality representation


Support in criminal proceedings

Goldwin lawyers firm is by your side at each stage of the criminal proceedings. Whether you are due to be brought up for immediate trial or be the subject of a police investigation, our skilled lawyers are at your disposal.


Criminal proceedings take place as follows:

  • Investigation: depending on the event – free hearing, police custody, detention pending trial or correctional or criminal indictment.
  • Decision: Appearance before the appropriate Court to deal with your case.
  • Punishment execution

Whether you are involved for an offense or a crime, our lawyers help you to know what your case’s stakes are. We support you at every stage of the proceedings and we develop a strategy linked with your interests.


The investigation starts with police custody and a free hearing. You may decide to call on a criminal lawyer at this moment.

Then, the inquiry (correctional or criminal indictment).

Finally, the accused is remanded in custody.


The decision stage takes place as follows:

  • Appearance before the Police Court
  • Appearance before the under 18 jurisdictions
  • Appearance before the Criminal Court and the Court of Appeal.
  • Appearance before the Crown Court

Whether the Court is, your lawyer support you and defend you before the examining magistrate.


Your lawyer can also advise you and defend you in detention litigation (Disciplinary board, transfer, etc.) and for the punishment implement litigation. Generally, the objective is to get a punishment reduction.

The criminal law lawyer, defends before the appropriate Court other presumed of criminal offenses. It intervenes before French criminal jurisdictions (Crown Court, Police Court and criminal Court). It intercedes on behalf of his client during trials in which individuals are accused of serious offenses. The latter is exposed to prison sentences, sometimes considerable ones. The criminal law lawyer is familiar with this types of crimes covered by the criminal law, punishments are connected to him, existing soften circumstances, etc. A criminal law lawyer is specialised in crimes. These crimes can be committed against a natural or a legal person, but also against a person goods. The occupation of the legal or natural person involved in criminal proceedings may be either the defendant or the victim.

To choose the appropriate criminal law lawyer, it’s essential to know the experience and the expertise area of the lawyer. A good criminal law lawyer must know the Penal Code perfectly and all the offenses, either crimes against people (assault, rapes, homicides…) or against property (theft, swindles, breach of trust). He has to master criminal proceedings and know how to defend you efficiently at every stage: during the investigation (police custody, examination), before appropriate Courts (criminal Courts, Crown Courts…) and for the punishment execution (sentence reduction, early release…). Question him about his previous cases. An experienced and renowned lawyer in this complex domain of the law will know how to promote your interests and your rights perfectly.

Criminal law lawyer fees depend on several factors as the complexity of the case, time spent of the file, the reputation and the lawyer experience. Generally, a criminal lawyer charges a hourly rate (from 150€ to more than 500€ per hour depending on the years of experience), or a flat rate for all the proceedings. This flat rate can vary from a few thousand euros for a simple case judged immediately to several thousand euros for a complex criminal case which need some working hours and defended before a Crown Court. In some cases, the lawyer can ask the payment of a result fee if the case issue is favorable. It’s important to discuss with transparency about the fees with the lawyer from the beginning of the relation, in order to establish a fees agreement and avoid every unpleasant surprise. The legal aid, subject to income conditions, can take care of all or a part of the lawyer fees.

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