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Lawyer for new technologies

Lawyer for new technologies

Responsibility of platforms, general conditions of use of platforms, platform workers, platform charters, platform regulations, the firm’s lawyers intervene on the most important subjects concerning the new economy

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Do you want to join the development movement of the digital economy by creating your own digital platform or your “marketplace”, or have you already created such a platform and you have questions about the legal context surrounding it?

The Firm provides new players in the digital economy with its skills to provide them with legal solutions tailored to their needs.

Do you want to launch and / or develop a project?

With its experience and knowledge of economic sectors affected by digital technology, the Firm advises you in particular to ensure the security of your project, its integration into the digital ecosystem, as well as its suitability for the legal environment.

Are you a player in the digital economy, do you have questions or are you encountering difficulties?

Digital companies are faced with a multitude of innovative legal problems, involving a plurality of rights:

  • Contract law
  • Liability law
  • Labor law
  • Trade Law
  • Transport law

The support of a lawyer competent in the various branches of applicable law and with in-depth knowledge of the procedures is therefore a significant asset.

Especially since platform law itself is under construction.

The Firm brings you its experience and skills in order to advise you on the strategy to adopt throughout the procedure, whether it is contentious or not, but also to find an amicable solution before any conflict.

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Some questions ? Contact our firm
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