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The firm’s team of experts work in many areas of the law, and have won numerous lawsuits.

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Goldwin, renowned firm located in Paris’ 16th district. st composé d'avocats experts dans chaque domaine du droit. Don't hesitate to make an appointment now, we will do our best to help you.
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Contracts lawyer

Contracts law concerns all the daily life deeds of  the private individuals and companies. Indeed, economic operators sign contracts all day long, from the ticket transport purchase to a company sale negotiation. For your lease commercial contract negotiation, the distribution contract writing or the recovery of your debt, take advantage of a comprehensive legal assistance. Your expert lawyer in contracts law assists you as in advices as in litigation.

Public lawyer

State liability, mayoral liability, abuse of power submission, administrative submission, contesting ministerial or municipal decree, request for cancellation of decrees, the priority constitutionality issue, expropriation, urban planning… Our lawyers intervene before all administrative jurisdictions, and are renowned for their expertise in public law, as well as their mastery of administrative and civil service law.

Criminal lawyer

Police Court, Criminal Court, Crown Court, legal information, investigation, police custody, sentence adjustment, detention pending trial, request for release, pre-conviction hearing, criminal composition, free hearing… Our lawyers intervene in every type of criminal trial.

Self-employment lawyer

Passengers car with driver, Deliveroo (food delivery services) or Airbnb hosts… Over the past few years, self-employed workers have experienced a real expansion in the French economic landscape. It’s a new status that’s revolutionizing workplace relations. It’s also a new area of law that’s being created as the practice continues.

Always at the cutting edge of legal techniques, Goldwin lawyers shares its expertise in self-employment law.

Platform lawyer

The lighting development of digital platforms has created new stakes in the legal sphere. Airbnb, Amazon, Meta, Uber and even Parcoursup (studies assignment platform) bring up new legal challenges, to which Goldwin lawyers firm will answer expertly. From platforms regulation to the liability, see our platform law skills.

New technologies lawyer

Platform liability, general terms of use, platforms workers, platforms charters, platforms regulation… Goldwin’s digital and new technologies lawyers are involved in the most important issues of the new digital economy.

Commercial lawyer

Unpaid debts, debt recovery, bankruptcy, force majeure, unforeseen circumstances, cessation of payments, contractual non-performance, breach of contract, sudden termination of established commercial relations, shareholder and management liability, unfair competition…A Goldwin commercial lawyer is a renowned partner in assisting companies and merchants.

Business lawyer

Commercial litigation, writing of business contracts, unpaid debts, setting up companies, unfair competition, initiation of collective proceedings, mergers and acquisitions, creation of a distribution network, development of innovative projects, personnel management, finding commercial premises, international growth, website creation… Goldwin’s Firm business lawyers are partners of excellence, renowned for their support of professionals. Take advantage of our services and help your business grow.

Real estate lawyer

Co-ownership, construction, real estate sales and transactions, subletting, AIRBNB, commercial leases, residential leases, constructions, real estate sales, auctions, latent defects, neighborhood disturbances, real estate development, recovery of charges…

Our lawyers provide strategic support for your property purchase, construction, rental or management project. They will also defend your interests in the event of a dispute before the courts.