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Lawyer for the self-employed

Lawyer for the self-employed

Taxis, VTC, lawyers, Architects, lawyers, notaries, accountants, bailiffs, GOLDWIN SOCIETE D’AVOCATS defends the self-employed before all jurisdictions

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The development of digital technology and the so-called “Uberization” movement of society and the economy have led to the rise of new forms of employment and labor relations. As a result, there has been a growing number of conflicts between new digital players and self-employed workers offering their products and services on these new networks.

The Firm, with its recognized and publicized experience, assists self-employed workers, such as VTC drivers or Deliveroo delivery men, in managing issues relating to their way of working, defending their interests and their rights before the courts (civil, criminal, etc.). commercial and labor matters). In addition, the Cabinet assists them in their efforts to make the platforms that “employ” them accountable. Indeed, these new self-employed workers exercise their activity almost exclusively via one or more digital networking platforms, the legal framework of which is being created.

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