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Criminal law of business affairs

Criminal law of business affairs

Abuse of corporate assets, illegal taking of interests, blackmail, forgery and use of forgery, corruption, theft, fraud, bankruptcy, breach of trust, extortion, participation in a cartel or cartel, abuse of a dominant position, concealment, money laundering ‘money, influence peddling, fraudulent insolvency organization, deception, the Firm’s lawyers use their experience and expertise to assist you during criminal proceedings affecting your business.

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The Firm is committed to supporting its professional clients in all aspects of their activity. As such, the Firm is committed to anticipating the risks of criminal conviction that could affect its clients and harm their business.

As major players in the economy and the consequences that their decisions may have on society, company shares are the subject of special attention by public authorities. Indeed, these “white collar crimes” appear as a rupture with the stakeholders of the company, which the state punishes severely. However, in addition to a financial penalty, even restricting the freedom of the offending directors, the effect that a criminal conviction on the reputation of your company can seriously jeopardize it.

Thus, the use of a lawyer to prevent this risk and, if necessary, to resolve it, plays a decisive role in the future of your activity and the protection of your interests. The Firm works to assist and represent you, both upstream of any dispute and during the various stages of the procedure:

  • anticipate and assess the risk of incurring the criminal liability of its clients;
  • support its clients during the investigation phase, ranging from police custody to a possible indictment, including litigation on pre-trial detention, the investigation of the case or free hearing;
  • represent you during the judgment phase before the competent courts.

Business criminal law is the meeting point between criminal law and various areas of business law, such as competition law, consumer law or stock market law. The assistance of a specialized lawyer allows you an objective assessment of the risks of seeing your criminal liability incurred and the assurance of an effective defense of your interests. Whether it is a common law offense (fraud, theft, breach of trust, abuse of corporate assets, etc.) or specific offenses (bankruptcy, participation in a cartel, money laundering, etc.), our lawyers have intervened in cases most important criminal business law trials, and are a major asset in resolving your issues.

The Firm is committed to supporting its clients throughout the procedure, in order to enable them to understand the issues at stake, and to prepare an optimal defense in view of the charges.

Through their expertise in the various areas of business law, and their experience in criminal litigation, both in correctional and criminal matters, the firm’s lawyers support you and provide you with advice adapted to your situation. Indeed, by its knowledge of the business world and the understanding of the stakes of your activity, the Firm is a partner of choice for the defense of your interests. In the event of changes in the procedure before the courts, the Cabinet assures your defense and represents you during hearings.

In the event of conviction or detention, the Firm interferes in your favor and establishes with you an optimal legal strategy that guarantees your interests and intercedes with the competent courts to ensure your defense.

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