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Public lawyer

State liability, mayoral liability, abuse of power submission, administrative submission, contesting ministerial or municipal decree, request for cancellation of decrees, the priority constitutionality issue, expropriation, urban planning… Our lawyers intervene before all administrative jurisdictions, and are renowned for their expertise in public law, as well as their mastery of administrative and civil service law.

What is a public law lawyer?

A public law lawyer is specialised in relations between private individuals and public authorities, or relations between public entities. The words: public law lawyer, publicist law lawyer and administrative law lawyer are equivalent. The public law lawyer is a legal advisor dedicated to private individuals or legal entities.

The different areas of public law:

The firm intervenes in every public law domain:

  • Administrative law: governs bodies handling of different state interventions (public services and administrative liability law, administrative law)
  • Administrative contracts: execution and litigation administrative contracts (public procurement, partnership procurement, public service delegation…);
  • Public service: servant and non-servant civil law;
  • Regional authorities law: inter-communality, economic development and administrative police
  • Public domain law: public domain goods;
  • Administrative litigation: submission for clemency, hierarchical submission, abuse of power submission, compensation before administrative courts and administrative Court of Appeal;
  • Business public law: relations between administration and economic operators;
  • Foreigners and nationality law: Removal and acquisition of the French nationality, residence permit (green card in the US)
  • Education law: exam and competitive exam litigation;
  • Environment law: nature and industrial environment protection


Our victories in public law

Our dedicated team of lawyers work tirelessly to defend your interests, providing you with tailored legal solutions and high-quality representation


Legal support and technical expertise

The firm renowned practice in the public litigation allows it to assure the complainant or defendant clients a support on every issue from different public law domain. The lawyers firm ensures an optimum litigation representation before administrative jurisdictions.

The firm interventions start with a precise analysis of the case and the clients objectives. This analysis enables us to propose an appropriate approach to the clients issues and to carry out their project with complete legal safety.

A professionnal support, proposed by an experienced lawyer is all the more pertinent and necessary as proceedings before administrative jurisdictions are now more complex.

The firm supports you to choose and define the best possible litigation strategy.

Once this choice made, the execution will be implemented by one of the Firm lawyer during proceedings on the merits or in the event of an Appeal. For example, the Firm intervenes for public bodies or economic operators regarding public contracts law, whether to assist them during execution proceedings or to defend them in case of litigation linked to their execution.

The Firm also supports economic operators in their approach to recognise and compensate damages caused by the actions and decisions of the administrations.

A public law lawyer is there to defend the interests of:

  • Public and parapublic organism: State, regions, departments, cities, public establishments, schools, hospitals, semi-public companies….;
  • Their providers and partners: design offices, real estate private operator (investors, developers, public contracting authority, prime contractor, building companies, etc.), industry groups, public service delegates, associations, etc

They trusted us

Brilliant team. It’s a pleasure to work with a skilled, efficient and reliable law firm. Cases are taken VERY seriously. Jonathan and his associates are extremely efficient. I highly recommend them.

Alexandre Chombeau

Maitre Jonathan Bellaiche, the firm founder, is more than a lawyer, he’s a strategist, a chess player with a long-term vision who anticipates everything.

Thanks to him and his team.

Yanis Abbas

Responsiveness, a sense of service, determination and mastery of the subject… proven on several cases.

François T.

A golden law firm! Maître Zahedi, Maître Bellaiche and all the firm’s associates make up a great team of efficiency, integrity, professionalism and responsiveness. It’s great to be able to count on professionals who are committed and exemplary, adapting to often tight deadlines. With this law firm you can sleep soundly and peacefully, I fully recommend it and would like to thank Maître Zahedi once again for his efficiency and exemplary handling of our case.

Cécile LEDUC

Very warm welcome. A very straightforward professional. Very attentive and selfless. Very efficient. Many thanks.

Philippe J.

Magnificent firm 100% success on my procedures

Alex A.

The Goldwin firm,
met my expectations in more than just a professional way, we’re talking human here. Not paternalistic, the firm was able to answer questions, without fault, in an honest way, and this without prejudice, by principle of the laws, by principle simply. Thank you for everything.

Aby Turpin
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